Solutions for synthesis at Sheffield

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 in News| Share this article
The University of Sheffield has announced a new initiative in knowledge transfer, connecting industry with the Department of Chemistry’s experts in organic chemical synthesis.

S3: Sheffield Synthesis Solutions is a consortium of four academics, with extensive expertise in the development and application of new synthetic methods. Professor Richard Jackson, Professor Iain Coldham, Professor Joe Harrity and Dr Simon Jones have research interests covering asymmetric catalysis, natural product synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry. The knowledge and expertise within the group can be applied to prepare small molecule organic compounds with a varied ranged of structures and functionalities, and to access new chemical space. These compounds have a range of applications in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and agrochemical industries.

S3 will deliver a range of services to support the fine chemical and biotechnology sectors. This includes developing partnerships to deliver collaborative research projects, problem solving to consult on specific issues and training through short CPD courses.

Business Development Consultant, Jenny Morton, handles communications with S3’s partners. Launching S3’s website at, Jenny said, “We look forward to helping companies and other collaboration partners to bring our chemical synthesis expertise to bear on their needs, whether in new science and technology or in skills development. S3’s website offers information and contact details to help people find out more and get in touch.”

S3 is part of the Nanofactory consortium of six Yorkshire universities and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.