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The December 2007 edition of the Polymer Links, the newsletter of the Polymer IRC is now available online in pdf format (see link below). Articles include: New theory shows how processing influences structure in glass bead reinforced polymers. Well received IRC courses set to expand. New propulsion system for nano machines. Students build unmanned aerial […]

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EPSRC Nanotechnology Image Library

This new library features a fascinating selection of images and movies, which illustrate the field of nano-scale science and technology. The images are all of a high technical standard, and are available online at print resolution. Images and movies can be downloaded from the library under the Creative Commons (CC) license, making them an excellent, […]

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RSC Macro Group Medal

Congratulations to Professor Steve Armes, who has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Macro group medal for 2007. The medal has been awarded in recognition of his contributions to polymer chemistry, in particular controlled radical polymerisation for synthesis of water-soluble block copolymers; branched copolymers; surface-grafted polymer brushes; and stimulus-responsive biocompatible block copolymers that can […]

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Prof. Richard Jones FRS

Congratulations to Richard on his election to Fellowship of the Royal Society (18th May 2006). Richard’s research background is in the physics of soft matter – particularly the theory and properties of polymer interfaces, and evaluating how properties of polymers change at their surfaces. Current research includes fundamental studies of adhesion, phase behaviour, crystallinity and […]

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UK Polymer Showcase 2006: “Materials by Design”

Every year the IRC (of which the Polymer Centre is a part) gets together to present the annual UK Showcase, highlighting the latest advances in polymer science, soft nanotechnology, macromolecular materials, and new technologies on the horizon. Themes last year included: Bio-nano science and technology, soft matter for energy, managing Technology and innovation, IRC Research […]

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